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Unless You are Near

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Unless You are Near


And then I saw you in my dreams at night 

Comforting me, we were together, happy 

In this realm all is right

It does not bow to propriety. 


I now know something is still missing 

For these years tried to pretend 

If it’s not your lips I’m kissing 

To complacency should not bend.


For deep inside the truth I know 

That dreams let me know still real

We all need someone to let our love grow 

If only in dreams such love can feel.


So, the next place is on this page 

Here I can write my heart's own lines 

And let what I feel take center stage 

Where love can live in these rhymes.


But I will wake up again to realize 

Outside of dreams and what read here

I only live in front of your eyes 

And life always far unless you are near. 

This article was published on:
Friday, November 11, 2022

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