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My Submission


Please consider this for your submission

I had to enter and, from you, want the honor

And now I ask your literary permission

To enter like a bouquet with another flower.


I could write, like I have, about love

So many verses to this subject belong

But to your judges their merit must prove

So, we both to these finest memories long.


About that love that makes the universe live

Like the Rose where its petals too soon fall

And that the best in life to me once did give

And its hold on my memories each night call.


Maybe politics, so much here I could write

Looks like there is a challenge we did not foresee

But I ultimately believe we will do what’s right

Our freedom always hard fought, never free.


And now there is on our freedom a direct assault

From the beginning a battle that has been waged

To let it go each one of us will be at fault

No excuse seeing what goodness has arranged.


I could write about the vagaries and majesty of nature

How on this one planet our indebtedness share

That its fragility is what we can all be sure

And for our world can agree we should  all care.


How our love is like the Spring of our day’s dawn

And its loss like cruelty of Winter’s soulless cold

And that our world to its preservation drawn

For the love we all share first know nature’s hold.


Or a few lines about the evil that threatens it all

Easy to do, all we need to do is look around

To me, here is where we must all answer the call

In our fight to preserve our goodness, our greatness found.


A battle that we have seen through time

A win here, a loss there, interpreting the outcome

So, I hope that these lines sufficient in rhyme

To express what we must finally overcome.


This is my contribution to all of this artistry

Knowing the poets who present their own vision

Let this show each work adds to its legacy

And that this is my own humble submission.




This article was published on:
Friday, October 21, 2022

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