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What Love Gives

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Most Love Gives

The air does not exhale without your breath

And the sun without your smile does not shine

And no ocean could ever reach the depth

Of the love I feel when I call you mine.

The Rose's beauty could not yours emulate

For it is where it receives its aura

And no ocean without you the shore break

For your alluring spirit it will endower.

And the earth can’t turn without your love

All it holds to your will must first obey

The mountain‘s majesty first your beauty prove

For their greatest grandeur when you come this way.

And when the air can no longer breathe it will sadly die

Because your breath no longer lives

And the sun will look down here and cry

For it always knew who the most love gives.

Keywords: Poetry, love, romance, nature

This article was published on:
Friday, November 18, 2022

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