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Then There was You

George Manos
Category: Poesy

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Then There was You


There were stars twinkling in the night

Around the moon smiling below

But could never compare to your light

That under Heaven’s canopy know.


There were birds in the trees singing

A melody carried through the air so sweet

Like the rhapsody of my love for you longing

Where the music of our souls complete.


There were flowers in their most brilliant bloom

With their fragrance wafting through the air

And where our budding romance found its room

So that our love blossomed everywhere.


There were waves softly sweeping to the shore

And landing on the banks brought such serenity

But your love’s waves always left me wanting more

Until my passion brought you flowing to me.


There was Heaven that was smiling from above

Promising what could be after our lives through

And its angels could sing about love

But this could happen only if there was you.


Keywords: Poetry, love, romance, nature, Lennon, McCartney



This article was published on:
Sunday, November 6, 2022

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