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Instructions on how to create your Sub Portal and add a Category for Poetry
How to create a Create a Sub Portal Link



1.      Go to "Administration"

2.      Go to "Security" and select "Portals"

3.      Go to "Keys to Create a Portal"

4.      Move Members from "Available" to "Selected Portal"

5.      Refresh page and the "Create a Sub Portal Link" will appear on "Portal" page.



Here is how to create your own sub portal:


  1. Go to the "Member Menu" and select "Portals".
  2. You will see the "Signup for a Portal" link, select that.
  3. The "Signup Portal" box appears; enter your "Portal Title" and a "Description" if you wish.
  4. You portal is created (You will see a stock template with "Community Wizard" in the header.
  5. Here you will see the "Menus", as well.  On the "Main Menu" you will see the "Home Page" which will be your own sub portals "Home Page" (where you are now), under that the "Master Site" which is the "Poesy" site itself, under that the "Poesy" portal which is actually my own sub portal.
  6. What you are interested in, first, I bet, is how to create your own poetry section, in the "Member Menu" section, select "Articles". You will see "Poetry Manager" which you select.
  7. The Manager opens up in s separate box and you will see a menu on the top with " Main", "Add Category", "Add Article", "Settings", "Security", and "Web Pages" listed.   For now, to get you started, select the "Add Category". 
  8. This may appear complicated, but the main section you would be interested in is the one that says "List contents in the following selected Portals".  By default, you will see that the contents (example, your poetry) will automatically appear in the "Master Portal" section (the master Poesy site).  You will also see the "Available Portals" which will show "Ed's Poetry", and the "Poesy Portal").  If you want your contents to be displayed in Ed's portal and my "Poesy Portal", highlight them and move them over to the :Selected Portals" box.  Under that box notice the question:  Share the contents in this category? with a drop-down box saying "Yes" or "No" which is defaulted here to "Yes".  Well, if you create another category (another section of poetry), you can select "No" here so that you, in effect, create a private collection of your work. 
  9. Click on "Save".
  10.  Refresh the page and you will see that you have created your own poetry category on this page.  You select that and you can begin adding your own poetry as you did on the "Master Poesy" site.


Now, I see, in the "Main Menu" the "Master Site" and the "Poesy" site links, however, if you did not see these (again, this is brand new development so I am not sure if this is because I am accessing this site through my browser causing these to appear), 

First, after the portal is created, you must go to Master Site and then select the portal and move the Available new portal to the Selected Portal so that a category can be created in, say, the Articles section. 


Instructions on Creating a Link from Sub Portal Back to Master Site



1.      Portal site administrator launches the administrator control panel and click on Web Pages (on the Master Site's Portal page, select Manage Portals, and then select the Web Pages on the second row).

2.      Click on "Create a Menu Link".

3.      In the Link Text field enter something like "Master Site" without the quotes

4.      In the link URL field enter the web address of the main site like in:

5.      Refresh the "Portal" home page and voila, the "Go Back to Main Site" link is displayed as a menu item.


(Note: you can also create links between portals following the above steps.)


Note:  You must select a menu item, "Articles", "Forums", "Blogger", etc, and then select the "Manage" tab so that you can select the "Sharing" function.
To allow sharing of content, the Administrator must to to "Administration," then to the "Poetry" category.  You then select "Add a Category" and there reenter the portal site name and the "Shared" feature (not to the "Portals" section).
Disabling Sub Portal Menus
To disable portal modules (such as "Horoscopes", "Weather", etc.), go to "Administration", then to "Modules", then to "Portals" select the specific portal and then seletct "Web Pages" from the second row.  Select the module you wish to disable from the Menu list (Site Menu1, Site Menu2, etc.) and then choose "No" from the "Disable" drop down box.

Instructions on adding HTML


  1. Open the Page Editor (when you select Post a New Poem)
  2. On the e-mail signature page copy the html code below the image.
  3. In the Tool Bar you will see the <> icon, select that.
  4. Paste the HTML code and select the <> icon again to display image (and sound).
  5. Add your poem and select "Save".

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